4000 Writing Prompts

4000 Writing Prompts

eBook: $5.99

All four of the 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts to Unstick Your Brain books in one place!

Writer's block or just plain lack of inspiration strike every writer from time to time. 4000 Creative Writing Prompts to Unstick Your Brain will do exactly that: Unstick your brain.

Writers from around the world have enjoyed these daily prompts presented through the online Writerspark creative writing group. Whether you work through them in order or choose seeds at random, you are sure to break through your creative wall and discover unexpected avenues for new fiction and poetry.

WARNING! - They're addictive!

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About the Book

A collection of 4,000 creative writing prompts to inspire writing, end writer’s block, and achieve tighter prose.

This is the box set collection of the first four prompts books in our 1,000 Days in Writerspark series. These prompts were gleaned from 16 years of operating our Writerspark creative writing group now at Google Groups.

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